Daniella Vian missing from Mobile, Al

In Daniella's chart Mercury is lord of the hour. This brings special focus to the activities and actions of Mercury. Square Jupiter in the 8th house we may see that information is lacking,  overlooked or neglected. There maybe a touch of carelessness attached to the situation that occurred with communication or travel. Mercury contacting the sun Neptune midpoint could show us some kind of self deception going on here dealing with ego and Neptune type things. I wonder if she was a little bit tipsy. Maybe she felt ok to drive but wasn't.  Peregrine Mercury can show a person wandering aimlessly. Maybe she got lost and was driving around trying to find her way back to the bar? That's one possibility.  Sitting in the 6th house it shows information about Daniella and her health isn't apt to be good. There was improper communication and again details being missed.

Mars is Daniella's ruler and is conjunct the Arabic part of death.  Opposite the sun we can see accidents and conflict with men abounds. Injuries to the head or face can occur.  If Daniella had a confrontation with a male it would have been in public or very open. People would know about it. Mars squaring Uranus shows that caution is advised. Coworkers can become problematic and unpredictable.  Unpredictable car trouble can emerge as well. This aspect often brings accidents.  Mars with the South node can show impatience, anger and conflict with men. Mars in the 11th house can show physical confrontations with male friends.  The 8th house cusp is conjunct the south scale can show drowning,  revenge , and betrayal. There’s an element of danger through water or poison. Typically when poison is discussed in astrology it eludes twords substances such as drugs or alcohol.  Not to imply that Daniella has a drug problem or even uses drugs but that's what this particular star implies. Jupiter is co ruler of the 8th house.  Conjunct Alphecca Daniella is reminded all gifts come at a cost.  Alphecca rules the skull, cranium and sinus cavities.  This star can bring betrayal in love, scandal and legal problems.  It would imply Daniella is in poor health at best. The path of fortune placed in the 11th house in the sign of Capricorn shows us where we can best our purpose in a natal chart. In horary it signifies valuables.  Sense we are looking for a car as well as a missing woman we have to try to look at the path of fortune for more information.  Conjunct fixed star Terebellum it brings up themes of violence and murder.  The area of life that needs to be focused on is her social circle.  There maybe quite a bit of distrust,  speculation and guilt at play in the circle of friends.  This is understandable sense I'm sure all Daniella's friends are worried, distrustful and concerned about her.

When judging direction and distance things were tricky. According to Lilly Daniella would be West. The sign of Aquarius where Mars is placed. According to Ivy's distance formula Daniella is three miles away from the gas station she was allegedly at. If we use the Lord of the hour Mercury she is 16 miles away.  I am going to believe that she is three miles away. Due to Mars being in Aquarious she is likely on uneven or hilly ground, a field,  places recently dug up, stone quarries are connected with Aquarius as well as places of machinery, airports, a body of water but near the shore, automobile manufacturing. If we use the Lord of the hour as her ruler the milage stays the same but the description would change to a more Leo type environment. Leo rules parks,  steep, rocky places,  movie theaters,  stoney gravelly hills, almond and walnut trees, heavily treed areas, casinos and places where gambling takes place.