Courtney Lake

Where is Courtney Lake?

Courtney is the mother of a six-year-old child. She is missing and presumed dead by police.  No remains have been recovered. I'm hoping to find out more about the possibilities of this case by doing a reading. With forensic astrology, we can narrow locations down, establish what may have occurred and try to determine mileage and garner clues regarding areas of interest. I hope this horary chart is honest and helpful. Things fall in line with what we do know about the case so I think the odds of helping are good.

The moon is what we'll look at first. It rules the killer, fugitive. It gives an overview of events surrounding Courtney's disappearance and rules women, mothers and lost objects in general.  In late degrees, it shows that the reading is too late to be of any good. It's either too late for Courtney or too late to help. Police do seem to be closing in on the truth from what I have read in the media. With the moon Being conjunct Uranus in the third house we can see explosive (Uranus) arguments (3rd house of communication) and shocking (Uranus). Gossip is ruled by the third house, so is whether the information is true or false. Because of the fact that the third house rules the truth of available info, it shows that this is not a positive story. It should be quite shocking when the facts are revealed.

The sun, the 8th house ruler of death sits conjunct Mercury and the fixed star Algorab. Algorab is a star in the wing of the constellation of Corvus the crow. Corvus brought Apollo bad news about the princess koronis and suffered for his honesty. Apollo was in love with koronis who was pregnant with his child. He suspected she was cheating on him and sent Corvus to spy on her. Corvus came back to Apollo and told him the truth,  that kor on is was having an affair with another man. Apollo had his sibling kill Koronis because he was so angry and hurt.  In a moment of regret apollo, somehow managed to save his unborn child but it was too late for his beloved Koronis. Then he turned on Corvus and cursed him, turning the crow's feathers from white to black. The themes of this story are likely at play in Courtney's story.  I have seen Algorab active in Jessica Runions chart and the story fell in line with the facts of that case which ended in a jealous murder.  Her killer is awaiting trial currently for multiple charges.

Using Ivy Goldstein's formula distance is judged as being 18-24 miles south-east.  Courtney is likely on midlevel ground. Sagittarius rules environments such as churches, colleges and expansive wide-ranging areas, highlands. I would not be surprised if there was a graveyard near bye due to Pluto in the first house. The location would be remote and out of the way. Possibly hunting grounds. Please check out Courtney's Astro cartography map and click the link below.