Daily Horoscope for 9-16-18

9-16-18: Moon conjunct Saturn, Orpheus and Orius
The Moon rules our daily habits,  our past, and feelings. Saturn represents our ability to create structure,  order, form and discipline in our lives on a solid, tangible level.  With these conjunctions occurring in Capricorn we may see an increase in responsibility,  issues surrounding family demands may surface. This is a good time to make long term social and financial goals. Not just due to the conjunction of the Moon and Saturn but also due to the conjunction dealing with Orius. Orius represents clarity surrounding issues such as our relationship priorities and financial priorities.  It’s a good time to Pursue goals in these areas and lay down some ground work for the future.  Focus on getting emotions from the past in order and getting finances squared away. Start planning for your success. On a negative note the Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn can bring up issues surrounding a Fearful, pessimistic and depressed outlook which should pass quickly. This is likely due to us wanting more control over our lives and relationships.  Control what you can but let go of what you can’t . We may feel possessive about relationships and our money due to a tendency to lean towards greed. Colds and dental trouble could be an issue for some due to Saturn’s rulership over teeth and colds. Today may be a day of reflection concerning past relationships due to the Moon with Orpheus and sphinx.  There might be a lot of haunting thoughts regarding what could have been in a relationship.  Remember that relationships are a two way street and the only thing you can control is you. Just focus on your goals and finding a path to your own success.