Cody Haynes, an updated reading

Cody went missing 9-12-2004 from his father's house in Ellensburg Washington.  He went missing exactly one month after my son was born and its always bothered me. I had a bad feeling about it right away because he was so young.  Shortly after Cody disapeared his siblings were taken from his father and step mother by Child protective services. The Charley Project.

The event chart for 4pm looks grim with Capricorn rising.  Capricorn rules things such as hard, hard discipline, broken or dislocated bones, bruises, and neglect. I really don't like to see Capricorn rising in the chart of a missing person.  Saturn rules Capricorn and represents Cody. Placed in the sign of cancer in the seventh house, which rules arguements with open enemies,  public enemies in general,  the law, and the home of the step parent of the opposite sex.  Cancer rules mothers and the home. It makes me wonder what time cody was reported missing because when I look at this chart it seems like he is in his home with a mother figure at 4pm.  Saturn in aspect by sextile to the Sun is negative.  The Sun rules the 8th house of death and we don't want contact between death (the Sun) and Cody (Saturn). Mars in sextile to Saturn is also negative sense Mars is a violent planet that is considered malefic by horary astrologers. Mars (violence, murder, cruelty) seated in the 8th house of death conjunct Ceres the mother, Pluto and Saturn When Saturn or Pluto are involved, we can see the step mother was likely an abusive harsh disciplinarian. Ceres opposite atropos and the sun is just sad. Atropos is the cord cutter of life, and the Sun rules death in this chart.

I suppose we all get the picture,  Cody appears to have passed over and he was murdered. The fourth house represents step parents of the opposite sex. Venus rules Cody's step mother. Opposite Neptune we can see she was being deceitful and dishonest.  Venus is with fixed star Preaesepe. This brings injuries,  murder and tragedy.  Fire is also widely associated with Preaesepe.  Venus is placed in the 7th house showing that cody was probably with his stepmother at 4pm. The Moon opposite Uranus shows unsettling changes have occurred in the house.  Relationships with women are a source of trouble.  She was erratic,  unstable and inconsistent in her story at 4pm when the father allegedly arrived home. With the moon in contact with Mercury the planetary ruler of young people says female relatives are a source of trouble for Cody. Pluto conjunct the 12th house cusp is also a significant sign of Murder.  He was gone at 4pm but still in the house IMO. What's interesting here is that Asteroid Marla is conjunct Lameia. Intense jealousy and murdering other people’s children.

According to Ivy Jacobson's distance formula Cody was placed 48 miles away from the house to the south west.  I will work on some mapping for Cody in hopes of helping any searchers out there if anyone can get the adress of the house.