4 Types of Rapists

Today we are going to examine the four kinds of serial rapists, their psychological profiles or characteristics, and what goes on in their deranged heads to make them behave in such disgusting manner. While learning about deviance I heard a statistic that roughly 80% of rapes are premeditated by the perpetrator. A text book example of this is the Whitney Heishel case, Whitney was Raped by her married neighbor whom was a friend of her family and member of her church. This does appear to be premeditated to me, yet we can't really call this guy a serial rapist. This kind of rape, where a victim and predator know each other is the most typical kind of rape to occur. Most Rapes don't end in murder though as Whitney's so sadly did. Unfortunately rape and sexual abuse are the most under reported crime, therefore gauging the percentage of premeditation in rape cases would be difficult at best. We can't be sure of any details in regards to this kind of crime due to the inconsistencies in reporting sexual offenses. Most serial rapists live seemingly typical lives, going undetected for years, months, or sadly for eternity. Yet we wonder why? Why do these things happen? What are they thinking?!?! These acts Seem so senseless and unnecessary to those of us who have empathy for others. The thing is serial rapists also live "normal lives" they drop their kids at school, go to work, or don't work, and often are married to someone they view as a Madonna figure. They can't achieve sexual satisfaction with her the only thing that can satisfy his lust is a predatory relationship in which sex is forced.  Many had a traumatic sexual experience in childhood, according to several experts. It might have been something such as being molested by a parent, or an occurrence more subtle such as having a mother who frequently allowed herself to be seen nude. They usually start at an early age fantasizing and then progress, according to Dr. Raymond Anderson, a Los Angeles clinical psychologist who treats sex offenders. "One may start with peeping, then he'll think 'Maybe I'll just enter her home and leave.' Then, gradually his peeping progresses into raping somebody.", he goes on to say "Frequently they offend in the one part of town, usually in their own neighborhood," outwardly these men seem like polite people to those of us who aren't mind readers capable of seeing the things they think. Experts classify Serial Rapists into four categories. These categories are more of a spectrum than a one size fits all classification. Many SR's will exhibit the traits of one type of classification while also carrying some traits from another type of classification creating a mix of "types".

1). "Reassurance Seeking Rapist"
This guy is believed to be the most common kind of SR. Melvin Carter the "College Terrace Rapist" is a prime example of the reassurance rapist. They are driven by a deep sense of inadequacies, not necessarily sexual though. Often people describe them as, "Shy loners, underachievers, that feel dominated by their other partners." This behavior is triggered by various things, for example a break up, poor work evaluation, even accusations of being gay can trigger the desire to commit such acts of dominance. Raping people makes these guys feel in control. He often uses a physical and verbal intimidation to gain control over his victims;  If that doesn't work he will often resort to drugging his victims or using a weapon. He prowls around neighborhoods he is familiar with peeping and spying on people, often he will select and attack his victims at random, choosing people who seem weak. According to Park Dietz "The offender often describes the planning of the attack as equally or more pleasurable than the rape itself," said. "They think about it while ... having sex with their wife or girlfriend. They often visualize little details and often take with them some souvenir of  the offense. We find they often keep little notebooks, trinkets from the victim or draw sketches (of the rape) so they can enjoy it over and over." The reassurance seeking rapist will often try to involve the victim, hugging and kissing them, fantasizing that the rape is consensual. Often insisting on the victim comparing him to other men the victim has been with. They will often say things like "We should get together again", or "That was great can I get your number", in rare cases they will and have even give their own name and number to the victim. It's likely that this kind of offender will
attack again in 7-15 days. This is the most common type of rapist. As many as 70% of all reported rapes are committed by this type of rapist. The best way to resist this kind of rapist is to physically resist and verbally resist. By asserting your self he will feel that he has lost control in the attack, and give up. If that doesn't work you would want to fight back going for the groin (kicking) or punching the throat. Of course mace or a whistle are your best bet if you don't have any weapons. Once control is lost so is the libido of this predator.

2). "Power Seeking Rapist"
This guy believes he is owed sex from women. He masks his doubts with machismo. Feeling a man, "takes what he wants, and if he doesn't take what he wants, then he is not a man.", unfortunately the action it's self proves that this person feels inadequate and so do the statistics surrounding this type of rapist. Although this kind of preditory attacker doesn't go in with the intention of killing his victim that is sadly how the act usually ends due to the brutality of the attacker's actions. They use verbal threats and obscene language and humiliate their victim. This kind of rapist is more agressively and violent than the previous type. They use bondage,bite, pinch, hit, etc. They prefer strangers and will find safe places to initiate their attacks. His goal is to humiliate, control, and emotionally scar the victim. This kind of predator will sometimes try to attack the same victim more than once oddly. There were no suggestions that I could find on deterring this kind of rapist from attacking. I hope that if any one reading this knows what to do they will comment below the post. It is my opinion that unless you have a weapon or some serious fighting skills you may be in a lot of trouble.

3). "Erotic Aggression Rapist"
This kind of rapist enjoys inflicting severe pain and emotional terror on his victims. His victims are almost ALWAYS strangers. The more the victim struggles the more this rapist enjoys the attack. Most of these attacks are strictly torture, and almost always end in murder. Leo Anthonly Goodloe is a good example of this kind of rapist, "This rapist often attacks people that are weak or easy to control like children or ladies of the night. They are easy targets and often when a prostitute goes missing no one really misses them or even bothers to look for them,". Park Dietz, an excellent profiler, reports that, "Some rapists, particularly sadistic ones, prepare a script of what the victim will be forced to say and what she will wear,". He said. "She is just a prop and her part must be played just so." Creepy huh? This is the type of rapist who is going to kill his victim hands down. If you are ever in a situation where you encounter this type of predator fight for your life or you will not walk away. Their attacks can last days or even weeks.

4). "Retaliatory Rapist"
This individual often feels slighted by the world, as if it is conspiring against them. Usually this anger is directed at women and is deep rooted. Any kind of perceived wrong or slight such as turning down a dinner offer can cause this guy to attack, usually the attack will occur with in twenty four hours of the verbal interaction.This often occurs in interpersonal relationships, and domestic ones, yet is often unreported. He will use weapons, he’s angry and blames the victim for his anger. He will verbally attack, humiliate the victim, and rape her in every way possible. This attacker is brutal, and deadly as he typically beats the victim severly. His attacks are often lethal due to the heavy beating of his victims. With out a method of protection such as a stun gun, or real gun there maybe no surviving this attacker.


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