Nieko Lisi a 2011 Cold Case

Nieko has a strange case. 6 years after disappearing he is still not listed in the namus database. Why is beyond my comprehension.  The link below gives a brief factual account of Neiko's case from begining to end..

An overview of Neiko's case

Neiko's synastry with the transits 

Looking at neiko's chart against the transits at the time and place he was last seen I can't say that it's a really positive reading but it falls in line with what we know about his mysterious disapearance. Saturn square Neptune can bring issues of deception, debts, and risky business ventures. This would have been a poor time to commit to anything. Mercury square saturn brings problems with transportation,  limited transportation,  bad news and frustrated endeavors. mars opposite Neptune can show unexpected attacks, the need to stay away from water, drugs, the ocean and deception. Saturn square uranus may show older people irritated by younger people.  unexpected discipline,  generational gap. new vs. old ideas challenged.

mercury square mercury is all about miscommunication, delays in delivering possible machinery such as a vehicle as mercury rules forms of transportation,  monetary rip offs are possible and problems with travel plans. saturn conjunct Neptune is a grim reality revealed. disillusionment,  misunderstood responsibilities, he didn't comprehend reality of the situation.  Saturn and Neptune bring the need to be wary of money matters and financial dealings. So far some kind of deception is at play and it involves cars and money.

The Horary chart

So what can we see about a suspect or location? What about the outcome of Neiko's case?  Will he ever be found?  What about justice will it be served?  In short the suspects are older than he was. There appears to be answers. To try to answer the many questions I had I drew up another chart. This time by horary to see of I could find anything. Mars rules neiko and is with fixed star labrum. This can show dishonest income. Disregard for laws and illness.  The south node is in the third house of concrete information conjunct the 22nd degree of leo. Showing that neiko appears to have some how been his own worst enemy or wasn't free to act on his own behalf. It is likely known that he is not vacationing in the sun right now. Something kept him from coming home. He didn't want to vanish into thin air.

Suspects, perps

I pulled out my old William Lilly book, "an introduction to astrology", to get an alleged description of the perp involved in Neiko's disappearance.  With Moon conjunct venus William describes the perp as tall, with a well proportioned body, light complexion and courted by numbers of the opposite sex but nothing ever really comes of the relationships.  This person promises more than they can deliver. Lily's goes on describing the person as very uncertain and mutable.  This person could be mean, calculating and conceited. With the moon conjunct venus we could be looking at a woman being involved or at least a very metrosexual man.

Future of Neiko's case 

As of now information is available and law enforcement probably has it, but they are keeping it under wraps. They are still gathering information from the past, and contacting relevant people. There are secrets no one is aware of. I believe that eventually information about the case will come out and there will be justice. I believe around 2019 to 2020 a new eclipse series might bring some activity to the case. I hope to see neiko's mother bring him home.